Eturnas D Solar UAV

The Eturnas D is the newest member of DII's Eturnas family of solar-powered and solar-augmented UAVs. In the past, it has been difficult to place solar cells on areas of high curvature on aircraft and harvest solar power in an optimal manner. This has been due to: 1) inflexibility of the solar cells and 2) problems with solar cell mismatch due to differing cell illumination. DII, LLC has solved these issue by utiltizing high efficiency flexible solar cells and applying DII's proprietary power management technology that enables multiple channels for maximum power point tracking (MPPT). DII's innovative process ensures that individual solar cells that are not illuminated as well as others do not reduce overall performance of the solar cell array. This innovation is based on DII's advanced research and development efforts to extend the endurance of small unmanned aicraft.

Ideally, Eturnas D is launched using a small portable catapult system, although it can be hand-launched (DII recommends a catapult launcher that can supply). The Eturnas D has a much larger payload volume than virtually all UAVs in the same class, thus giving more flexibility to users for custom payloads and unique configurations to match mission and application requirements.

The forward-facing payload system ensures maximum visbility for sensors.

Eturnas D features a battery backup system. Eturnas D can be operated in low-light or night conditions with endurances similar to other battery-powered UAVs.


​ Wing Span  

​ 7 ft

​ Max Takeoff Weight

​ 12 lbs

Max Speed

​ 73.5 mph

Payload Weight ​@10Ah 

​​4 lbs


Payload Weight ​@20Ah

3 lbs

Cruise Speed

​​Optimal - 27mph ​

​35 mph

​45 mph

​ Endurance @ 10Ah Nominal​ -

W=8.75 lbs

​6.7 hrs

​2.6 hrs

​1.2 hrs

​ Endurance @ 10Ah Optimal

​10.5 hrs

​3.0 hrs

​1.2 hrs

​ Endurance @ 20Ah Nominal -

W= 10.25lbs

​7.9 hrs

​4.6 hrs

​2.2 hrs

​ Endurance @ 20Ah Optimal

​10.1 hrs

​5.2 hrs

​2.3 hrs


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